We provide each of our customer tailored training and education to raise awareness
about the threats online and what steps can betaken to reduce them.


Our services are inclusive offering the tools needed to best product both you and your
business. Inclusive security software is provided, monitored and maintained 24/7
always ensuring your upto date and protected


We always ensure that a safety net is in place. If things do go wrong we want to ensure
your business knowledge and data is always safe and recoverable
Our IT support plans are customer focused around your daily IT challenges. We been serving our customers since 1994 providing complete IT peace of mind and cost saving to the business.

Leaving you to do what you do best in running your business whilst we help to reduce the technology risks without the IT Headaches!
About Us

Why Choose Us ?

We are passionate in what we do and believe that our inclusive I.T support packages and Cyber security tools offer exceptional value and protection for any type of business. Whether you decide to have our complete or partial tailored outsource models to protect your IT assets and infrastructure. Our accredited IT experts and helpdesks have been supporting users and businesses for over 25 years, helping you to maximize their industry knowledge experience and expertise in resolving your daily challenging IT headaches, or planning for future technologies and growth.

  • Cyber Security

    TAGZ Cloud puts security in its forefront making use of leading industry technologies consisting of cloud software or onsite hardware with subscription licensing models that offer high level protection from ongoing threats from a simple to complex networks, with robust AI monitoring 24/7 365 days a week.

  • Affordable Solutions

    We understand that keeping technology up to date can be a complicated and can be a costly process to any business. Our overheads are low, that enables us to pass on cost saving to you. Our affordable solutions are tailored around your business. We provide IT services from user support helpdesks, cloud infrastructure and migration planning, as well a cloud email services and much more.

  • Industry Expertise

    Drawing upon the infinite amount of industry expertise, and our eco system of market leading partners, we have the capabilities to deliver tailored and scalable solutions to support IT transformation, drive operational efficiency, enforce security

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businesses Small or Large


We have a high Customer
Satisfaction ratings


Providing expert technical support from any location


Unlimited device support with Office 365

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    Our Mission & Vision
    "We are passionate about IT, working with TAGZ CLOUD is a partnership, not a customer label. Delivering  innovative solutions to make IT work for you. Reducing costs and carbon footprint. Empowering better use of technology and increasing user experiences"

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