Conventional IT Support as opposed to Pay as you go (Subscription)

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Conventional IT Support as opposed to Pay as you go (Subscription)

The whole of the IT Industry needs to review the way in which we provide technical support to end users. This has been a time to think and to adapt to newer ways of working both in work and at home. Laptop sales were falling until the pandemic hit us all and we started to throw money on the fire rather than on our future strategies.

Lots of companies have had to place people from home buy them IT equipment which was not budgeted for against the unforeseen circumstances that has had a hold on us all for the last nine months.

DATA security has been at the forefront with staff now carrying DATA on home equipment and where loss and theft should be of great concern.

We may need to emphasize on operational costs rather than capital costs as we steer ourselves out of the pandemic and that too has fallbacks because operational costs are a derivative of sales income.

The cost of ownership in managing your own IT assets based on an industry standard calculates to about four times the purchase price because the overheads of maintaining that IT asset cannot be excluded or ignored these are mostly direct costs for a business.

A laptop purchased for say £600 will eventually cost around £2400 to allow for maintenance, training, infrastructure, and the cost of admin/IT Support. Then after three to four years the cycle starts again by wanting faster speeds and more memory and storage. At this point the mean time between failures has almost reached it average and productivity will be affected adding another cost to the cost of ownership.

People who have their own IT assets occur lots of indirect costs, which are not considered such us operating system crashes and applications not working, which can lead to substantially quite a lot of invested time for the individual and again if that was a cost contributor then surely be higher than the cost of the equipment.

The alternative is to consider a subscription-based model pay as you go monthly within a secure and reliable environment. Scalable for the duration required and quickly made available wherever globally.  The cost of maintenance is much lower and infrastructure is available 99.99%, which in itself pays back for not having lost productivity.

The cost model varies from a multiple factor of two or three times the cost of buying a piece of conventional hardware.

If we are to stay competitive then this needs to be decision made by IT directors and finance controllers within businesses sooner than later.

Monthly subscription would involve some sort of mobile device with an internet or WiFi connection with a choice of either an office setup or a more demanding graphical setup Windows virtual desktop.

IT providers are now offering FREE workshops to discuss and demonstrate how the subscription model would be of benefit to them.

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