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Windows virtual Virtual desktop Desktop discovery workshop


Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service is an Azure based offering that provides Windows desktops to a variety of remote devices. With the increasing challenges of security and data governance, there has never been a better time to consider how combining virtual desktops with your existing desktop strategy can be used to decrease costs and increase user agility. WVD represents the 4th generation of remote desktop technology and this new approach offers cloud-based scalability and significant cost reductions.


This short workshop is designed to help you understand more about the benefits and define a plan to test the viability and potential cost savings of using this technology in your environment. We provide a short questionnaire which allows us to tailor the workshop and focus on your specific needs.

The workshop will cover.

·        Review of the responses to the pre workshop questionnaire which will provide a greater insight and focus on which areas will provide the most value to your business.

·        Review of the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) architecture and approach

·        The main WVD usage cases

·        Resolving the compatibility and supportability of Windows 7 in your environment

·        How to design the best next generation user experience for your employees

·        Product demonstration

·        Discussion on concrete next steps to adoption


A set of constructive documented recommendations on how WVD could significantly enhance your desktop strategy and guidance on other services that will help you test and deploy WVD and associated solutions to provide a next generation client strategy.

TAGZ Cloud is a Product offering within TAGZ Limited portfolio of services. Our offering of a Free 2 hour workshop will be based on companies with a user base of 100 users or greater.