Protect yourself from Phishing emails

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Protect yourself from Phishing emails

95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful phishing tactics. Greater increase of such attacks have increased in 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, with cybercriminals taking proper advantage of stay-at-home workers that are not under the safeguarding protection from their in house IT support strategy and policies. Other weakness can be related to not having the correct technology configured or utilising out of date Antivirus definitions not been able to detect phishing.

False luring websites can look very realistic and convincing, but then it is too late once you submitted the asked for criteria. Users need to be taught on recognising such pitfalls before being lured into a trap, such as mass emailing to company user’s which can be disguised as an legit official body, colleagues, unpaid invoices, delivery collection. Hackers know our weaknesses and exploit them to their advantage

Here is some basic information you can carry out.

First Think! Before opening the email, do you recognise the sender address, is it in the correct email address format or does it have some other details in the email address.
If the email was opened, are they asking you to do anything?
Are there any attachments such as word, pdf, text files, excel etc, they have asked for you to look at say “outstanding invoice” etc. As opening the attachment could then take you to a website for collecting your details
Never feel embarrassed contacting your IT TEAM for advice, they will guide you and what action to take.
Always keep AV up to date, and don’t visit websites you being ask to visit by someone, unless you can validate them as a genuine contact
If your unsure DELETE the email, any genuine company would call you if they not received any action from you, or best still call them to confirm they have genuinely sent you the email in the first place!
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